Social as it should be.

We think social networking is due for a major rework. From the bot mobs, to the data tracking, to the shady algorithms behind our feeds, social media has not been a good friend to us.

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Availability and feature restrictions may apply. Geographic restrictions on Voice token eligibility and participation may apply.

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Are you a human?

If so, you’re ready to make a profile! We use a special authentication system to make sure every user on Voice is an actual person. No robo-mobs. No catfish. No burner accounts.

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Get posting

Get posting.

Now, go forth and make some content. Think up a think piece. Give a hot take on a hot topic. Tell the world something interesting.

Now the fun part.

Your post goes live! When other users like it, you earn Voice tokens and your post gains visibility. The more popular your post — the more you earn.

Fun part
Pocket the reward

Raise your Voice.

So you’ve earned some Voice tokens, what can you do with them? After making a comment — Voice it! Use your tokens to put your opinion on top and ensure your Voice is heard. If someone else raises their Voice above yours, you get your tokens back plus some extra Voice.

Claim your Voice.

Everyone gets some Voice just for showing up. This means everyone has a chance to be heard. What do you want to Voice?


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